Zowie FK2-B Divina Review

Zowie FK2-B Divina Review



Zowie has come back in 2019 with a few refreshes of their previous models, including the EC series and S series with a matte coating, a special edition of the EC series with Tyloo colours, and lastly to round out the year, we are getting a refresh of the extremely popular FK series of mice.

Zowie was kind enough to provide me with a pre-release copy of their up and coming FK2-B Divina. This thing has been sent straight off of the first batch, so quality control is going to be a focus of mine in this video. There’s a lot with this mouse that has changed, and an equal part which has remained the same. Today, we are going to be taking a look at what Zowie has done to improve the model. We’re going to do some direct comparisons between this and some of the other mice in its field, as well as the usual buying recommendations and finding out if this is the right mouse for you.

Shape and weight


The shape here is nothing short of legendary, and despite being over half a decade old,  This shape has stood the test of time and remains one of the best shapes in the business. It’s been tried and tested by the eSports community and is still being used to this day by Seige players, Overwatch players and CS players. The first thing that sticks out about this mouse is how flat the mouse sits. The small shape and tight grip width makes this mouse an insane shape for fingertip and claw grip. The mouse widens towards the rear and has a hump at the rear that slopes gradually into the pad. The top of the mouse is relatively flat with comfort grooves in the top of the buttons, and small ridges on the front sides to keep your fingers in place when lifting the mouse. Although you won’t be benefitting from this feature if you use a 1 – 3 – 1 grip as l do. 

The shape sits low at the front buttons, meaning that your fingers site close to the pad. This design trend is also present on some of the best ambidextrous shapes out there including the Sensei and the XM1. The measurements on the zowie website claim that this mouse is longer than the original FK, and whilst this is technically true, the overall shape remains identical, L’m gonna touch on this again later down the line. 

The overall shape is considerably long for its size. And whilst I criticised the FK2 for this in my previous video. You can be extremely precise with this mouse and make slight corrections very easily, and l feel like the overall length is a reason for this. You can palm this mouse and is my preferred method of using it, as this allows you to take advantage of the aforementioned length to make precise adjustments with your wrist. If you have larger hands then you may want to consider switching to the FK1 for palm and claw grips as the shape of the hump may struggle to fill your palm. 


Buttons feet features 


Now that we have talked about the shape, we can move onto the features of the mouse which have actually changed. The side buttons are the first notable change, as they have been upgraded to be a lot more clicky and tactile, intentional or not, they also protrude a little more than on the Original FK. You will notice also that the right buttons have been removed. And whilst this is a kick in the teeth to lefties out there, the lack of buttons allows for a better feel for right-handed users. 

This small change has paved the way for one of the most important changes for this mouse, at least for me personally, as before where the FK2 weighted 85 grams, the mouse now weighs 80g, which depending on who you ask, puts this mouse at the perfect weight. Whilst l do not feel like this change is intended from Zowie, the loss in weight is still a huge selling point, even if it is only 5 grams. 

Zowie have also included their updated Rubber cable in grey, you might recognise this from some of the other divine mice that zowie has been releasing. Whilst it’s not a paracord, if you get this thing bungied up in the right way, it won’t be a problem for you. It’s thicker than most rubber cables out there and remains straight after a couple of days use. Remember l mentioned earlier that this mouse is technically longer? That’s because the cable has been slightly raised to stop it from dragging on the pad, you might remember this from the S2 which l covered In my previous video. 

Underneath the mouse, we can find an updated 3360 sensor and an extra foot for the sensor itself. I have touched on this before, however, I would only recommend upgrading if you have problems with spinout or tilt slam. Because as far as l can test they both perform flawlessly. We also have the usual DPI button which goes in 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200, and a polling rate button, whilst they are not new features on zowie mice, they are still nice to haves. This is because the mouse is driverless, like all zowie mice, so you can just plug it in and get to work.


The big feet that zowie use on their mice are always a winner for me and its good to see that zowie are still using these. You can throw on a pair of hyperglides on these if you want to, however, it’s not a necessity. The glossy coating on these divine mice is an absolute fingerprint magnet. I struggled to keep my copy clean for my video clips, and whilst this coating will suit people in dryer climates, This coating might affect your grip if you tend to get sweaty hands. My advice would be to wait until zowie brings out the matte black versions of these mice. And if you can’t wait that long. You can sand the coating off, which I think im going to do once the cameras stop rolling. The scroll wheel has also been upgraded, the steps are way more defined, there’s less wobble from all directions, and it sounds considerably louder as well. and whilst we’re at it. Let’s do a sound test. 


Build Quality


Build quality on the zowie lineup remains stellar. You might be paying a premium for zowie products but you can certainly feel that quality in your hands, there is zero flex in the shell. The scroll wheel and buttons all have zero wobbles on them and have a premium feel to them. The clicks on this mouse feel a little more solid compared to the previous FK2, which come across as quite hollow. These switches can never feel as crisp as the XM1’s switches or omerons and this is somewhere that Zowie still has room for improvement. The weight of this mouse is balanced as always and there is no rattle/ coil whine. Absolutely nothing at all moves inside of the mouse. 

How does the mouse feel in-game?


There’s a reason why this mouse is trusted by the pros. The shape leaves no compromise when it comes to facilitating your aim. The mouse feels amazing, and there’s no question as to why the shape has influenced other mice and even been cloned in some scenarios. The small improvements make for a more enjoyable experience, however, they do not equate to any notable improvement to your game.


What I’m trying to say is that this mouse is more of a preference than an upgrade. It’s still an FK2, zowie haven’t reinvented the wheel here. If you already have an FK Series of mice and are considering an upgrade, you should only do this if you have issues with tilt/slam on the sensor, issues with your cable/cable drag, if you can’t stand your scroll wheel. If you’re not bothered about these changes then all you’re getting essentially is a fresh coat of paint. With that being said, the older FK models such as the original black and the special edition white copies are still excellent choices and will most likely go down in price in wake of this mouse’s release. 

What l Like about the mouse?


I love the fact that zowie hasn’t forgotten about the FK series, as I think some of us were worried that the S series was going to be a replacement for the shape, in addition to this, the release of the Model O and O – have left FK fans holding out for a re-release. The sensor upgrade and the raised cable make for some nice improvements too, it’s nice to see zowie focusing on the details. I think the only real places for improvement on this mouse are left and right clicks, they’re great switches but they aren’t the best out there, and It’s subjective but the glossy coating doesn’t do it for me personally, however, as l mentioned before, you might wanna hold out for a matte version of this mouse. And that scroll wheel is a little loud but other than that. This could be your endgame. 

Whilst there’s an argument to be made that Zowie isn’t pushing the boundaries and not keeping up with industry trends such as ultralight mice. The reason for this is because the priority for Zowie is esports, these guys work with the pros to make these mice and there’s a reason why mice that are 80 – 90 grams are used more than ones that are 70 grams to 58 grams. It’s based on personal preference of course, however, games such as counter-strike require very precise adjustments and corrections and it’s something that can be quite hard to accomplish with lighter mice. If you take the cable and the weight out of the equation then there is little room for improvement to be made. 

I’m putting myself in a really awkward spot by bringing up this subject, however, l feel like it needed addressing or else this review might come across as a little biased. What do you guys want to see Zowie do with their products? Do you want lighter weight, paracords, wireless? Or are you guys happy with the way this thing is? Let me know in the comments.


Who would I recommend this mouse to?


I’m coming up to about 2000 words on this script so l think now is a good time to close things out, l would recommend this mouse to people who are familiar with the Senesi shape, the rival 110, people looking to upgrade from their old FK series, or if you’re finding the model o to be a little too light. and hey, if your mouse is an ergo shape then it’s always worth taking a look, I personally switched from ergonomic mice around 3 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. 


I have already started writing up reviews for the Endgame XM1, the new sensei ten and the glorious model O. Let me know in the comments which one you wanna see first. I can’t guarantee a release schedule as these videos are a labour of love and I struggle to find the time to commit an entire weekend into making these. However, your feedback is always taken into consideration and if you want something sooner then ask for it! I’m always happy to listen to my audience. 

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