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One of my more used platforms, you can usually find gaming related content and annoucements for new videos that I post on Youtube. Twitter is the best place to find me or if you want to talk to me quickly, My DM’s are always open so feel free to have a chat!


My small YouTube channel Is primarially based around mouse reviews and first person shooter content! at the time of writing this description my channel is still tiny, however, the effort and attention that I put into every video makes them punch above their weight for the size of my channel, and I would really appreciate if you subscribed to me!


My equally small Twitch channel is primarially based around mouse reviews and first person shooter content! I will plan on livestreaming a lot more once I source a streaming PC, however, In the meantime, you may find me streaming less try-hard games on the odd occasion. Make sure you leave a Follow!


Feel free to add me, leave a comment on my profile, send me a trade, or ask if you wanna play something sometime! Steam is where I play about 90% of my games, so there is a good chance that I am online or playing Counter Strike!


A great place to talk to me & play games! or if you want to find other people who are fans of some of the content that I create. I have a growing fanbase and I am always looking for new community members. Grab an invite by Clicking below!


I tend to use Instagram to document things in my life that are fun, interesting or to share things that I have a passion for. I keep my posts infrequent to focus on Quality rather than quantity.



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