Musician | Reviewer | Influencer

Who am I

From humble beginnings in Hertfordshire, I left school without a clear path in mind. With a passion for music, I spent last 5 years studying the inner workings of the industry, understanding the laws and regulations that allow artists to monetise their works and learning how to perform shows, as well as putting on events for other people.


As a self-confessed computer geek, I can’t be without a mechanical keyboard or spend too long away from a screen of any sort. I am currently making the transition to learn how to make and design websites, whilst also building a community on Youtube and streaming to an audience on Twitch.


On a more personal note, I also love music and it’s many genres, and I have a strong tolerance for spicy food and spirits.


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My Skillset

Reviewer? Musician? Content Creator? I have put my brand to a lot of different mediums and It’s quite hard to put my finger on what it is exactly that I do. If I am passionate about something I will always give it 100% of my time and effort and make it as good as I can.


Stay tuned for updates!

Social Media Links!


One of my more used platforms, you can usually find gaming related content and announcements for new videos that I post on Youtube. Twitter is the best place to find me or if you want to talk to me quickly, My DM’s are always open so feel free to have a chat!


I tend to use Instagram to document things in my life that are fun and interesting or to share things that I have a passion for. I keep my posts infrequent to focus on Quality rather than quantity!


A great place to talk to me / play games, or if you want to find other people who are fans of some of the content that I create. I have a growing fanbase and I am always looking for new community members. Grab an invite by Clicking below!

Let’s have a chat, shall we?